Wither Land Of The Pure

Wither Land Of The Pure Ms. Z, 17, was caught off guard when her own mother doused her with petrol and set her on fire. Her […]

Let’s Redefine Honour!

Let’s Redefine Honour! Famous artist Qandeel Baloch got murdered by her brother in Multan. Where is the world heading? Where has the humanity gone? Why have […]

Rapist Put Behind Bars

Rapist Put Behind Bars The society, every now and then, expresses its anger and disgust over rape incidents that frequently occur in our surroundings. It may […]

Hijab – By Choice Or By Force?

Hijab – By Choice Or By Force? Since childhood, I have come across several discussions, which shape two shades of the perspective, choice or force. I have […]

Prisoners’ Rights In Jeopardy

Prisoners’ Rights In Jeopardy Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the […]

Foreign Juveniles

Foreign Juveniles There are about 8,000 Pakistanis who are languishing in different prisons across the world. Most Pakistanis are interned in Saudi Arabia, convicted of human […]