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The Writ is Up For Grabs

The Writ is Up For Grabs When state gets into the habit of surrendering its writ, several claimants begin to emerge from within itself. Chunk by chunk the writ is torn apart

Bar vs Bench (Satire)

Bar vs Bench (Satire) The tussle between bar and the bench, which took an ugly turn last week, has finally been settled. What looked like an irresolvable conflict saw a surprise conclusion


Criminals In Our Inbox

Criminals In Our Inbox Door-to-door marketing is not very common in Pakistan for a number of reasons. Even in other countries, technological developments in marketing and advertising have rendered door-to-door marketing redundant


Democracy: Fact Or Fiction

Democracy: Fact Or Fiction So we are back to “saving democracy”. You may once have thought that accountability was a significant component of democracy, but apparently you were wrong, it is actually

Is The Judicial Commission Constitutional?

No election in Pakistan’s recent history has been shrouded more in controversy than the general elections 2013 (GE 2013). Allegations of rigging, malpractices, negligence and irregularities have snatched much credibility from GE