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Live Recording Of Court Proceedings

Live Recording Of Court Proceedings Video and audio recording of court proceedings is the future of law. In Pakistan where there is an extremely large number of lawyers, judges and the number


Denial – Movie Review

Denial – Movie Review Who could have imagined that a defamation suit could make for an interesting movie viewing? Yet, that is exactly what the movie Denial succeeds in achieving. It is

court martial

Stage Nomad Presents “Court Martial”

Stage Nomad presents an exciting play “Court Martial” from 18th March to 31st March at FTC Auditorium, Karachi. Stage Nomad Productions is a student theatre startup company which has come together to

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Pakistan Law Moot 2015

Pakistan Law Moot 2015 The Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network is proud to present Pakistan Law Moot in collaboration with the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan, which is to be held on

Law Moot, Moot Court and Mock Trial

Law Moot, Moot Court and Mock Trial What is mooting? Mooting is basically the oral presentation of a legal issue or problem against an opposing counsel and before a judge. It is