The Devil’s Advocate – Movie Review

The Devil’s Advocate – Movie Review

If you are a lawyer or a law student who is also a movie enthusiast and you have not watched this movie yet, I would suggest that you download it right away.

The Devil’s Advocate is the kind of movie that makes you think. It begins with a very moving courtroom scene, which is one of the best courtroom scenes I have ever come across. We are introduced to our main character Kevin Lomax, played by Keanu Reeves. Lomax is an exceptionally efficient lawyer who has never lost a case. When a mysterious boss offers him a job at a high-end law firm, his life is turns around. Lomax is soon on the path of success with his boss John Milton (Al Pacino) mentoring him. At the new law firm his morals, skills, marriage and loyalty are all challenged as he faces one dilemma after another, even though the choices he makes lead him to greater success. That’s what it is all about – choices and free will. This movie plays beautifully with the concept of free will. No one has ever had the devil point a gun to their head to indulge in immoral acts. It boils down to the all choices one makes, while being fully conscious. How free can someone be in a moneymaking culture? Will Lomax finally make the right choice? The main character is in a constant dilemma, torn between winning and doing the right thing. The movie gives a new insight on human morality and the lengths a man would go to, in pursuit of success and for feeding his ego. Hearing the devil’s incisive description of religion, God, the flaws in human nature and his own never-ending quest to conquer man, will stir you. I still get goosebumps when I get to that part of the movie.

Lomax in the courtroom is one of the best scenes of this movie. It makes you realize the great power a lawyer holds – bending minds with his bare words. Yet, it is not another one of those movies that portrays lawyers as quintessentially the most arrogant, vain individuals. It goes deeper than that and poses the question of whether the profession of law is all about winning. If so, does vanity not come inherently with it?

Do we love or hate Lomax? The character is more complicated than merely being likeable. The parallel characters differ from the protagonist in being too natural. The devil is an exception, who is charming and alluring to encompass mankind.

All the actors are up to the mark. Al Pacino may not be at his best but he is still great. Keanu Reeves is perfect in the role of the hotshot lawyer. All the supporting actors are impeccable in their roles especially Kevin Lomax’s very religious mother played by Judith Ivey.

The ending will blow your mind. You will surely love this movie if law, religion, morality and the concept of Satan intrigue you. You would certainly want to watch it for a second and third time if you manage to look past Charlize Theron’s fake southern accent.


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Ayesha Gardezi

Author: Ayesha Gardezi

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