The National Commission on the Rights of the Child Act (2015)

Proposed by: Mr. Pervaiz Rashid (Minister for Law, Justice & Human Rights)

Status: Pending

Summary: The National Commission on the Rights of the Child Act extends to all of Pakistan with the objective of making a national commission on the rights of the child.

Since Pakistan has ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in 1990 and its Optional Protocol on Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography in 2011, the state is obliged to implement these instruments and report progress to the UN committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva every five years. After considering Pakistan’s 3rd and 4th periodic report in 2009, the Committee on the Rights of the Child urged the Government of Pakistan to establish a separate commission to monitor, protect and promote the rights of the child. Hence, The National Commission on the Rights of the Child Act has been proposed.

The Commission is to be responsible for:

  • Examining and reviewing any law, policy or practice for the time being in force for the protection of child rights and recommend measures for their effective implementation

  • Examining and reviewing all factors which inhibit enjoyment of rights of the child, such as violence, abuse and exploitation, trafficking, torture, pornography and prostitution and recommend appropriate alternatives and solutions

  • Spreading awareness and promoting dialogue on child rights among various sections of the society and promoting awareness of the safeguards available for the protection of these rights

  • Examining international instruments and undertaking periodical reviews of existing policies and programmes on child rights and making recommendations for their effective implementation in the best interest of children

  • While looking into complaints of violations of child rights, the Commission shall have the powers vested in a civil court under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (Act V of 1908) to call for information or reports from the Federal Government, Civil Society Organizations and autonomous or concerned bodies in this regard. In addition, the Commission may enforce the attendance of any person and compel the production of required documents

  • Preparing annual reports on the situation of child rights in the country which will be submitted to the Federal Government and presented to the parliament

  • Assist the Federal Government in preparing periodic reports in accordance with international declarations, conventions, treaties, covenants and agreements in relation to children and their rights