Islamic Banking vs Netflix

Islamic Banking vs Netflix Banking as a service has always been controversial when it comes to keeping it compatible with Islamic provisions. Reasons for this incompatibility […]

Costs that Pinch

Costs that Pinch The development of law is an interesting phenomenon. It is informed by so many factors. While it may be true that evolution of […]

Evolution of Human Rights

Evolution of Human Rights Definition of Legal Right It is of paramount importance to know the legal meaning of a right before jumping to its origin […]

Silencing The Judiciary?

Silencing The Judiciary? “All the rights secured to the citizen under the Constitution are worth nothing, and a mere bubble, except guaranteed to them by an […]

A Game of Loans

A Game of Loans The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a corporation headquartered in Washington DC and presently comprises of 189 countries. This organization works globally […]

Legal Status of Employment Bonds

Legal Status of Employment Bonds It has become prevalent that employees of most organizations are being bound to sign an undertaking to neither join the organisation’s […]

Property Tax In Cantonment Areas

Property Tax In Cantonment Areas The relationship between cantonment boards and the federal government is akin to the relationship between local governments and the respective provinces. […]