Hindu Marriage Act, 2015 Paused Nationwide Due to Provinces’ Lack of Efforts

The Hindu Marriage Act Bill 2015 is meant to allow members of the Hindu community to register their marriages for the first time in the country. However, the lack of interest to pass the law, by provinces, has proven that the process to pass this bill has plenty shortfalls.

The law and justice ministry said that the ministry has written to all provinces in order to empower under Article 144, on order by the Supreme Court, so that the Hindu Marriage Bill can be introduced. Yet, provinces have not been very responsive.

Article 144 reads:

“If [one] or more provincial assemblies pass resolutions to the effect that [parliament] may by law regulate any matter not enumerated [the federal legislative list] in the fourth schedule, it shall be lawful for [parliament] to pass an Act for regulating that matter accordingly…”

As of now, the law and justice ministry prepared the Hindu Marriage Bill 2015, so that it takes effect in Islamabad Capital Territory, but if provinces pass the resolutions under Article 144, as per the Supreme Court’s decision, the federal government will make sure the law extends nationwide.

At the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Law and Justice meeting, Justice Raza informed that Balochistan is in the process of passing the resolution.

This issue is supposed to be taken up again today since many stakeholders will be making their contributions and officials of the Ministry of Law will update the lawmakers about the progress, a senior official of the law ministry, said. He also added that, “Punjab wants to do its own legislation while Sindh has yet to respond our request.”

The bill is a proposal for the government to appoint a marriage registrar so that Hindu marriages can be successfully documented, provides possible procedure for dissolution of the marriage and the grounds on the basis of which such marriage can be dissolved.

Details of the Hindu Marriage Act 2015 are also available in the “Draft Bills” Section: http://courtingthelaw.com/2015/05/27/faqs/the-hindu-marriage-act-2015/