English–Urdu Legal Terms – C

Note from the author: “As an erstwhile burger vakeel (lawyer), eager to join the lively katchery (district courts) scene, I can relate to the frustration faced by other in the clan, trying to make sense of the Farsi-Urdu legal terms. Poring over the lughats (urdu dictionaries) lead to more frustration. So, wanting to share whatever I have learnt over the years, I present my very own compilation of commonly used legal terms.” – via natalyakamal.wordpress.com

Legal Term Urdu Roman Urdu
Cancellation منسوخی mansookhi
Case diaries ضمنی zimni
Cause of action بناۓ دعوی/ بناۓ نالش binaey dawaa/binaey naalish
Cause List فہرست پیشی fahrist peshi
Certified copy مصدقہ نقل mussadaqa naqal
Charge (criminal law) فرد جرم fard jurm
Circumstantial Evidence قرائنی شہادت quraini shahadat
Civil   ديوانی deewaani
Civil Miscellaneous دیوانی متفرق deewaani muttafarriq
Code of Civil Procedure  مجموع ضابطہ ديوانی majmooa-e-zabta deewaani
Cognizable Offence قابلِ دست اندازی qabil-e-dast andaazi
Complaint استغاثہ istighasa
Complainant مستغيث mustaghees
Compromise deed راضی نامہ razinama
Compensation for hurt عرش arsh
Confession اقبالِ جرم iqbal-e-jurm
Consolidation اشتمال ishtimaal
Correspondence مراسلہ mirasala
Criminal Procedure Code  مجموع ضابطہ فوجداری majmooa-e-zabta faujdaari
Cross Examination جرح jirraah
Competent authority مجاز اتھارٹی majaz authority
Contempt of Court توہین عدالت toheen-e-adaalat
Constitution  آئين/ دستور dastoor/Aaein
Constitutional Democracy دستوری جمہوریت dastoori jamhooriat
Criminal  فوجداری faujdaari
Criminal breach of trust خیانت مجرمانہ khayanat mujramana
Custody حضانت/ تحویل hizanat/ tehveel
Natalya Kamal

Author: Natalya Kamal