The National Tariff Commission Act, 2015 (NTC)

The National Tariff Commission Act, 2015 (NTC)

Proposed and Moved By: Mr. Khurram Dastgir Khan (Engineer; Minister of Commerce)

Status: Passed by The National Assembly

Summary: Of late, it is become vital to provide certain reforms to the National Tariff Commission Act , 1990 (IV of 1990) by re-appealing and re-enacting the law.

The main objective of The National Tariff Commission Act, 2015 (NTC), are:

1. To minimize litigation by addressing legal loopholes in the relevant legal framework.
2. To expand the membership of the NTC from three to five members with a view to provide for uninterrupted quorum for decision making;
3. To provide for benefiting from the technical expertise of the NTC’s officers by providing to a certain extent for their employment as member;
4. To specify the qualifications of the members with a view to have multidisciplinary technical expertise required for proper decision making;
5. To provide alternative arrangement in contingencies to smoothly carry out investigations and making determinations;
6. To provide an effective appellate forum to decide on petitions relating to initiation of investigations as well as final determinations.