Transgenders In Pakistan

Transgenders In Pakistan Transgenders in Pakistan face severe discrimination, stigma and systemic inequality. To discuss or even to interact with a transgender is considered a taboo […]

Bar vs Bench (Satire)

Bar vs Bench (Satire) The tussle between bar and the bench, which took an ugly turn last week, has finally been settled. What looked like an […]

Concept Of Law

Concept Of Law There have been several attempts to produce a universally acceptable definition of law. Lord Lloyd once said that no such definition could be […]

Supremacy Of The Supreme Court

Supremacy Of The Supreme Court The government has revealed its plan to amend Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution – invoked by the Supreme Court […]

Black Coats

Black Coats The black coats are at it, yet again; they deride the sanctity of courtrooms; ransack the nameplates and belongings of judges upon whom they […]

Rule Of Law(yers)

Rule Of Law(yers) Yesterday’s attack on the Lahore High Court is deplorable to say the least. Such thuggery should have no place in the legal profession. […]

War Against Judiciary

War Against Judiciary The recent judgment in Panamagate by the Supreme Court has driven Pakistan into a state of democratic turmoil. The decision against the Prime […]