Restructuring Of Legal Education

Restructuring Of Legal Education In this article, the writer will be sharing his academic point of view on the restructuring of legal education in Pakistan. The […]

Child Protection

Child Protection The abduction, rape and murder of little Zainab has not only robbed one family of a child but has also ravaged this country. She […]

Let Them Live

Let Them Live  We are truly blessed to have families and their respect and love, yet we always yearn for more. When we talk about gender […]

Children Of God

Children Of God  The fireball Chief Minister of Punjab after visiting the grieving parents of a sexually abused and later murdered girl aged six stated that […]

Is An Accomplice A Credible Witness?

Is An Accomplice A Credible Witness? Though the word ‘accomplice’ has not specifically been defined in the Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order 1984, there are certain provisions that have […]

Validity of Khula in Islam

Validity of Khula in Islam The topic of this discussion has been contested to a great extent – despite not being one of the most controversial […]