Domestic Abuse Victim Awarded $21 Million In Landmark Civil Lawsuit

Domestic Abuse Victim Awarded $21 Million In Landmark Civil Lawsuit

Jennifer Kershaw after failing to get justice from the criminal courts in Ohio sued her ex-husband, Jerry Bailey, in the civil court in 2014. Jerry Bailey was previously found guilty of domestic violence but only served two years of probation along with 2 days in jail. Thus, Jennifer Kershaw had decided to sue him in civil court. This case is believed to be one of the first ‘civil’ lawsuits that has been brought against an abusive partner and holds a landmark judgment.

Kershaw first sought justice from the criminal court. Bailey was then found guilty on a count of misdemeanor (domestic violence) and was further sentenced by the judge to 180 days in jail, along with a $100 fine, and a further two-year probation. However, according to court documents, the 178 days of his sentence were suspended.

Judge Julie Lynch of the Common Pleas has now given the judgment that Jennifer will be awarded punitive damages of $21 million, although the actual amount that she will be entitled to will be around $3.5 million because of the legal limits imposed by Ohio.

Bailey did not show up in court, neither did he send an attorney to represent him.

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