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A Proposal For Legal Reforms

A Proposal For Legal Reforms My learned friends, I would like to present an open resolution for three important reforms before this august house—a house of wisdom, virtue, knowledge and integrity; a

lawyers strikes

No More Strikes, Please!

No More Strikes, Please! When terrorists struck at a local court in Charsadda on March 7, 2016, and killed more than a dozen innocent people, right inside the court premises, court-going lawyers


Online Case Law Research Project – Qanoon.pk

Online Case Law Research Project – Qanoon.pk CourtingTheLaw.com’s Founder and international lawyer, Taimur Malik, and Editor, Bilal Ramzan, with Vice Chairperson of the Punjab Bar Council, Mrs Farah Ejaz Baig, attended the

Bar Associations

Pakistan’s bar associations are probably more active and organized than equivalent associations elsewhere in the world. It was the organized and political nature of these bar associations that was instrumental in the