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Legal Trail of Hudabiya Case

Legal Trail of Hudabiya Case The members of ‘House of Sharifs’, facing inquiries by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and trials before the Accountability Court for alleged corruption, abuse of public funds,

The Final Arbiter

The Final Arbiter The Supreme Court recently dismissed the review petitions filed by Mr Nawaz Sharif and others, preferred against the judgment of July 28, 2017. As we await the detailed Order,

Supreme Court: Jurisdiction & Justice

Supreme Court: Jurisdiction & Justice “All the other courts in this country are courts of law whereas this Court is not just a court of law but also the court of ultimate

The Supreme Court; Not A Trial Court

The Supreme Court; Not A Trial Court The Constitution of Pakistan grants three kinds of jurisdiction to the Supreme Court, namely, original jurisdiction under Article 184, appellate jurisdiction under Article 185 and