ONE Day Training Course On LEGISLATIVE DRAFTING (Techniques And Practice) By SOL

ONE Day Training Course On LEGISLATIVE DRAFTING (Techniques And Practice) By SOL

In advancement of its aim to raise awareness in Pakistan regarding Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Law, School of Law is pleased to host a one day training course on Legislative Drafting (Techniques and Practice) by Trainer Barrister Ronan Cormacian on 28th November 2015 at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore.

The School of Law provides formal legal education to Pakistani students in compliance with international standards as well as training courses and workshops for practicing lawyers as part of its CPD program. We believe that CPD is a very crucial aspect that is missing from the legal education and practice in Pakistan and it is hoped that our efforts in creating awareness about it would bring this international trend home and thereby allow a Pakistani lawyer the level playing field he needs to practice law in the globalised world of today.

The training course on Legislative Drafting is expressly designed to train delegates in the skill of drafting legislation, thereby accomplishing a very important role in the delivery of legal education for a vital area of governance.

Drafting legislation is considered an art, not a science. A well-drafted bill is a consequence of thorough knowledge of the subject, attention to details and abidance to common sense principles of simplicity, clarity and good organization. As John Austin has expounded:

‘I will venture to affirm, that what is commonly called the technical part of legislation, is incomparably more difficult than what may be styled the ethical. In other words, it is far easier to conceive justly what would be useful law, than so to construct that same law that it may accomplish the design of the lawgiver.’

– John Austin, Jurisprudence

The training will expose participants to different aspects of the theory and practice of legislative drafting globally. On completion of the training course, the delegates will have the knowledge required to understand a drafting project and an understanding of the criteria for good quality legislation.  They will also have a broad understanding of the challenges of drafting good legislation and how to develop their drafting and interpretation skills.

The training course is aimed for Members of the Parliament, Parliamentary Draftsmen, Members of the Law Ministries, Lawyers and Law Students. Further information regarding the programme contents and registration procedure is available at www.sol.org.pk

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School of Law is the leading academic institution in Lahore offering quality legal education at par with the international standards. Unlike other law colleges in Pakistan, the School of Law, where it provides legal education for the future lawyers, it also offers training courses and workshops for continuing professional development of the practising lawyers in Pakistan. We take pride in having a faculty of eminent and learned former judges of the superior courts and prominent lawyers who have practicing experience in different jurisdictions around the world. We have also gathered multifarious modes of learning at the School of Law to facilitate the learning experience of our students and also to enhance their interest in this esteemed profession. We offer a complete international educational experience to our students with opportunities ranging from research, advocacy training and drafting skills to international conferences, online learning environment and networking opportunities with industry experts and legal counsels.