The City School Iqbal Campus Delivers Sialkot Its Biggest MUN And Social Event

The City School Iqbal Campus Delivers Sialkot Its Biggest MUN And Social Event

The month of January saw The City School Iqbal Campus’s name ascend to the top with their exhilarating Model United Nations program. The 3-day event, The City School Model United Nations 2016 (TCSMUN’16) lasted from 8th to 10th January, 2016.

The Iqbal Campus Head boy and TCSMUN’16 Secretary General described this educational venture as a necessary step in establishing Iqbal Campus as a leading and pioneer school, as well as bringing forth a forum and opportunity for students to learn social skills, diplomacy, innovation and other qualities that would help them further succeed in life.

TCSMUN’16 is the school’s first ever venture into the world of educational conference, and it attracted a large number of delegates. Up to 30 different countries ranging from United States of America to Gambia were allotted to local as well as out-of-station teams coming in from Lahore, Parco and Jhang.

Day 1 of TCSMUN’16 commenced with delegates rushing in to begin their Global Village preparations following the Opening Ceremony. A flamboyant occasion, Global Village saw delegations decorating their allotted stalls for representation of their designated county’s culture and traditions. This event further saw a Peace Walk involving all delegations that were then judged by guests over their knowledge, representation and food.

Coming up to Day 2 and Day 3, delegates had been informed about their committees and topics and had been provided study guides for preparation. Having a rather serious tone to the event, the educational part of the MUN had officially begun. Different issues were discussed over the course of 5 committee sessions for each committee including Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL), Disarmament and Internal Security Committee (DISEC), United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), World Health Organization (WHO), Crisis Cell of Pakistan and the United Nations General Assembly. From the Israel-Palestine conflict to unsafe abortions to specifically devised crisis in committee mergers, all issues were covered in great detail by the delegates and resolutions were passed as delegates attempted to solve problems that scourge the modern world. These sessions were chaired by esteemed and revered Chairpersons, Anoosha Shaigan, Hasnain Ali Syed, Numaria Naseem-ud Din, Khaqan Shahnawaz, Ali Muqaddas, Nadir Rahim and Ali Qasim.

Day 2 of TCSMUN’16 also saw highly acclaimed music sensation Falak Shabbir and the prodigy “Rockstar” Ali Zafar perform live at Iqbal Campus for the very first time. The TCSMUN’16 concert was a massive success as large crowds joined in for the grand entertainment.

Finally, Day 3 ended with a thematic dinner and an award ceremony. A Hollywood theme saw delegates, volunteers and chairpersons alike walk on the royal red carpet as cutouts of famous actors and disco lights surrounded them. All participants were awarded prizes by their Chairpersons and the Chief Guest for Best Delegate, Outstanding Diplomats and Honorable Mentions in each committee. The eve also saw the delegation of Japan win first position in the TCSMUN’16 Global Village while Saudi Arabia (TCS Gulberg) was crowned the best delegation of the event.

The City School Model United Nations 2016 brought the city of Iqbal its first taste of innovative and extravagant events. The bar and standard has been set and the expectations can only get higher for next year.


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Mustafa Shafique

Author: Mustafa Shafique

The writer is an A-Level student at The City School Iqbal Campus, Sialkot. He is pursuing his interests in architecture, arts and writing.