LHC Issues Notice To Govt On MPAs’ Role In Public Bodies

LHC Issues Notice To Govt On MPAs’ Role In Public Bodies

The Lahore High Court has issued a notice to the Punjab government on a petition by the Opposition Leader in the provincial assembly questioning the involvement of legislators in public companies.

As the court resumed hearing of Mian Mahmoodur Rasheed’s petition, his counsel Sheraz Zaka contended that at least 12 MPAs had been holding different positions in public companies in violation of rules.

He said section 3(7) of Public Sector Companies Corporate Governance Rules 2013 stated that no person having a political or legislative role could become a director of a company governed under the rules.

He said that the respondent MPAs were already members of the Assembly and at the same time functioning as directors of companies like the Lahore Waste Management Company, Lahore Transport Company, Lahore Parking Company, Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company and the Punjab Saaf Pani Company.

Advocate Zaka said the MPAs functioning in these companies brought political interference, lack of transparency and conflict of interest, which was a cause of concern for every citizen as these companies were controlled by the Punjab government and their affairs were being run on public money.

The counsel asked the court to order the government to implement the Public Sector Companies Corporate Governance Rules of 2013, which did not allow any legislator to work as director of any public company.

He also asked the court to restrain the provincial government from appointing any member having a political or any legislative role as a director of the companies.

The court issued notices to the government and 12 legislators for March 18.


This news was previously published in DAWN and it is being republished here with permission.