AARIB Law Associates Launching A New Legal Help Service

AARIB Law Associates Launching A New Legal Help Service

We are a registered law firm and pleased to announce that effective immediately, we will be providing a new ‘LEGAL HELP’ service. This new service has the following key features:

  1. This service is available for District Courts Rawalpindi, District Courts Attock, District Courts Chakwal, District Courts Jehlum and their subordinate Tehsil Courts, and all Honorable High Courts in the country.
  2. Under this service the firm accepts all kinds of cases.
  3. When services are required for any court other than the District Courts Rawalpindi, then TA/DA (travelling allowance/ dearness allowance) would be applicable.
  4. People who are not in a position to afford the fee are welcome to engage a lawyer for their case by paying Rs. 5000/- only.


Chamber No: 31-Executive Block,
Basement of HBL, Jehlum Road,
District Courts Rawalpindi.
Tel: 051-5146622
Mobile: 0312-5339423