Electoral Rolls (Amendment) Act 2016

Electoral Rolls (Amendment) Act 2016

Proposed and moved by: Senator Pervaiz Rashid (Minister-In-Charge)

Status: Passed by the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)

Summary: The Majlis-e-Shoora passed this Bill in order to amend the Electoral Rolls Act, 1974 (XXI of 1974). S. 2 of the Amendment Act defines the terms “local government” and “local government law” – the former notion refers to a government formed under federal or provincial law concerning the local government. Similarly, the latter notion refers to federal or provincial laws.

Amendment of s.4 and s. 27 of the XXI Act, 1974 relates to language and punctuation technicalities. Post s. 4, the Amendment Act of 2016 inserts a section concerning the procedure of the Commission.

Under the provisions of Art. 140 of the Constitution, the Election Commission of Pakistan has the power to hold elections of the local government. The Electoral Rolls (Amendment) Act 2016 aims to bring the elections of the local government within the reach of the Election Commission of Pakistan.


(Summary by Anam Asad)