Transgenders In Pakistan

A case of harassment against the transgender community was reported recently in Sialkot. A grotesque video surfaced on the internet where someone who seemed like a gang leader in Sialkot, later identified as Jajja Butt, was seen flogging a member of the transgender community. All this was  recorded on camera with wide circulation over various social media forums. The police responded fairly quickly and arrested ten persons involved in this act along with Jajja Butt and other members of the group called the Tinda Group.

There has been a spike in transgressions and acts of violence against the transgender community. Aleesha’s case is a classic example of negligence on the issue of transgenders’ rights. This is further highlighted by the fact that most of the cases go unreported.

As Pakistanis we need to realize that they are  human beings too and just like us they deserve the right to education and justice. Their voice needs to be heard. We need to provide them with a voice in upholding their basic rights.

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Nauman Khalid

Author: Nauman Khalid

The writer is a law student at International Islamic university Islamabad