The Dynamic Chief Justice

The Dynamic Chief Justice

There have been many precedents in the history of nations according to which the hectic efforts of a single person with a mighty vision have enlightened the dark. That person alone can take the sinking boat of a nation to the shore of liberty and the harbor of achievements. There is no doubt that life poses many challenges and causes many trials and tribulations, but those who continue to struggle with an unflinching mission and unwinding resolution become towering pillars that equalize the balance of tilted justice. History is a witness to the fact that societies become chaotic if justice vanishes from within them.

Although the scales of justice in Pakistan have always tilted towards the ‘blue-eyed’ (favourite) people in dictatorial and pseudo-democratic setups, the role of judiciary under the Platonic vision of the current Chief Justice has been unprecedented and matchless and will be written in golden words in the days to come. Many have tried to politicize the splendid personality of the most venerable Chief Justice and his worthy colleagues and have also criticized him for “judicial activism” but the fact remains that he has observed the same sort of speedy justice that had been observed during the regime of the great caliph, Hazrat Umar (R.A.) and his noble followers. When the whole society shivers from the chill of corruption, nepotism, favoritism and jobbery, someone is to bring the blanket of purity, the warm dressing of loyalty and the quilt of devotion and take the nation out of this deep ocean. In that regard, the incumbent Chief Justice, Main Saqib Nisar and his colleagues also seem to believe in the quality of service rather than make tall claims, and this quality speaks for itself. The existence of vices like the impurity of milk, corruption in government institutions, kidnapping of innocent children, fabricated records of ‘China-cutting’, pornographic videos of young children, impure and outdated medicine playing havoc with the lives of hundreds of critical patients, and fake-degrees are slaps on the face of the whole nation. It is the insignia of the worthy Chief that he has not only bridled the corrupt elite, the political big guns and the authoritative classes, but has also prescribed certain limits for all. Moreover, he has maintained a balanced relationship between the Bar and the Bench and has invited other state institutions to play their part in developing a stable, strong and prosperous Pakistan.

By applying the rule of law and establishing the writ of law, the Chief Justice has also pointed out black sheep among the ‘black coats’ (lawyers) and managed to instill some apprehension amongst different types of mafias, yellow journalists, unpunctual doctors, corrupt engineers, money launderers and the custodians of pseudo-democracy. There are not a lot of people who can turn pathos into ethos and malady into remedy and there are only a few who can take a nation to Olympian heights with their unending efforts.

Justice is a light that illuminates the path towards the right direction and it not only enlightens the mind, heart and soul, but also serves as a language that is spoken and understood everywhere, even the blind can see it. It is the prime responsibility of a judge to dispense justice among all and sundry without any discrimination of caste, colour and creed and this is what the great Chief is doing as well. One would wish him and his team all the best because they still have to address many oceans of corruption.


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Muhammad Talha Rao

Author: Muhammad Talha Rao

The writer is the President of the Literary Society, Member of Aristotle Club and Member of Parliamentary Sessions, at Quaid-e-Azam Law College.