Highlights from Facebook Group Vakeel Online’s Recent Meetup

Lahore, 31st October, 2020 – The team behind the newly created Facebook group “Vakeel Online” hosted high-tea for some of the forum’s top contributors. The purpose of the group is to encourage people to know their legal rights and seek pre-legal pro-bono advice, as well as attract legal practitioners who may be willing to offer it.

The objective of the recent meetup was to initiate an interactive session (the first-ever out of so many planned in the future) for the digitally active participants of the forum, including lawyers and other supporters, in an open setting and elicit their feedback. The event aimed to encourage free flow of discussion focused on Pakistan’s prevailing justice landscape, the intersection of technology and legal reforms and the development of synergies among stakeholders.

The attendees turned out to be an eclectic mix of legal professionals and reform advocates, working on a diverse range of criminal and civil law subjects. Notable attendees included Barrister Sarah Belal, Barrister Ahmed Pansota, Barrister Taimur Malik of Courting The Law, Badar Khushnood of Bramerz and Advocate Huma Zaman. Bramerz is the digital transformation partner for the Vakeel Online initiative.

The legal practitioners present at the meetup shared ideas on how to offer help to those in need and raise knowledge about the legal system so that citizens could manage their affairs more effectively, legally and lawfully. They also talked about Vakeel Online’s potentially significant role in empowering ordinary citizens and the legal community alike in order to better contribute to the success of individuals as well as the community and society at large.

“We appreciate the time everyone has taken out of their busy schedules to help this community grow. We hope to learn more from you and bring the legal community together towards one goal: Justice for all.”

– Isfundiar Kasuri, Co-founder Vakeel Online.

About Vakeel Online

Laws are complex and most people need better clarity on legal matters. This is where ‘Vakeel Online’ comes in – a platform under the aegis of Justice Pakistan Project (JPP) which aims to connect legal practitioners with people who seek legal advice on all kinds of matters. It allows the audience to address some of their basic legal needs on a self-help basis, at the same time allowing them to communicate further with professional lawyers in case they want to seek legal advice on more complex legal matters. Launched on 29th August, 2020, the Vakeel Online Facebook group already has active participation surpassing 5,000 members from across Pakistan and abroad.


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