Extremism — Defying Diversity

Extremism — Defying Diversity The relation between Muslim societies and the West is quite complex. In recent decades it has come to be underpinned by suspicions […]

Unheard Voices

Unheard Voices According to Article 2 of UN ‘Convention on the prevention and punishment of the Crime of Genocide’ 1948, Genocide means any of the acts […]

Litigation – Problems and Future

Litigation – Problems and Future For every nation, justice and accountability are two characteristics that help maintain order and uphold the rule of law. Litigation as […]

Medical Negligence in Pakistan

Medical Negligence in Pakistan The understanding of medical negligence as a concept is rather hazy in our society. Medical negligence is an act or omission by […]

Dubsmashing The Law

Dubsmashing The Law As Dubsmash celebrates its first birthday, let’s revisit the concept behind this video selfie app which has garnered more than 50 million downloads. […]

Futile Law And Innocent Souls

Futile Law And Innocent Souls    A powerful country is not identified by its military might or its economic edge but, by the resilience of its […]

Clash of the Biradiris

Clash of the Biradiris The dawn of October 31st 2015 saw yet another entrenchment of the basic pillar of democracy. Opinions might differ but the local […]