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Transparency In Judicial Appointments

Transparency In Judicial Appointments “Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?”  This is a satirical query posed by poet-philosopher Juvenal in Ancient Rome which literally means, “Who will guard the guards? ” In our jurisprudence,

The Writ is Up For Grabs

The Writ is Up For Grabs When state gets into the habit of surrendering its writ, several claimants begin to emerge from within itself. Chunk by chunk the writ is torn apart

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What is Courting The Law?

Greetings from Courting The Law!  We were recently part of a news coverage that named our Founder, Mr. Taimur Malik as a probable candidate for the interim Federal Cabinet, following which the

The Dynamic Chief Justice

The Dynamic Chief Justice There have been many precedents in the history of nations according to which the hectic efforts of a single person with a mighty vision have enlightened the dark. That person

Bar And Bench

Bar And Bench “…It is in the interest of both the Bench and the Bar for advocates to uphold at all times the dignity and high standards of their profession and abide

Bar vs Bench (Satire)

Bar vs Bench (Satire) The tussle between bar and the bench, which took an ugly turn last week, has finally been settled. What looked like an irresolvable conflict saw a surprise conclusion