Woman In Multan Arrested Over Beating Donkey

Woman In Multan Arrested Over Beating Donkey

A woman has been arrested for allegedly abusing animals last week.

Muhammad Anwar, a resident of Pakpattan, told a Saddar police spokesman, that his donkey went missing on Friday. Anwar told the police that as he was passing by some houses, when he found his donkey tied with ropes, where he saw a woman and two men brutally beating his donkey.

Anwar claimed that when he tried to save his donkey, the woman and two men beat him as well. The neighbors intervened later and helped Anwar take his donkey to a public veterinary hospital for first aid.

The Saddar police registered an FIR under Section 429 of the Pakistan Penal Code for causing mischief by killing or maiming cattle. The woman has been arrested but her husband and cousin managed to escape.

Apparently, the woman claimed that she beat the donkey because its bleating was causing disturbance to her children who had just returned from school.