Joint Statement by NILS Pakistan and NILS India: Heart of Asia Conference 2015

Joint Statement by NILS Pakistan and NILS India: Diplomatic Developments vis-a-vis Heart of Asia Conference 2015

On 11th December 2015 the Network of International Law Students (NILS) Pakistan, in collaboration with its Indian  counterpart, NILS India, issued a Joint Statement lauding the recent diplomatic developments at the Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process. The combined press release came as a  testament to youth support for comprehensive dialogue between the two neighbouring countries and was symbolic of the commitment of law students across borders towards a prosperous future.

The press release highlighted the importance of an atmosphere conducive to dialogue as the first step towards resolving economic and political issue bilaterally.  It stressed on the need for the two nations to resolve any and all foreign policy issues and disputes in accordance with their international obligations under Article 2 of the UN Charter; only then can there be a lasting solution to long-stalled progress, with Pakistan and India being heralds of regional cooperation across the world. The President of NILS Pakistan, Rana Adan Abid, speaking on the occasion said, ‘Each year the members of SAARC come together only to find themselves paralysed by the political differences of the two of its biggest members. We hope this time around the prospects are brighter to enable the region to overcome its collective dilemmas on a friendly forum within the larger framework of international law’.

The statement also draws attention to fact that people-to-people connection and youth sentiment, which is represented by these law students, is essential to the struggle and cannot be disregarded. The issuance of the statement also sheds light on the necessity of cooperation on forums like SAARC and the Asia Cooperation Dialogue to advance regional development.

NILS Pakistan is the local chapter of the NILS International, an umbrella organisation representing hundreds of law students and young lawyers across Africa, Asia and Europe. It seeks to promote legal awareness among all the people and encourage communication and cooperation among law students and lawyers internationally; contribute to legal education; promote social responsibility in the field of law; increase opportunities for students to learn about other cultures and legal systems worldwide; and publicize educational and career opportunities in law. Speaking on the operation of NILS Pakistan, the Head of Publications at NILS and Research Associate at the Research Society of International Law, Imaan Mazari-Hazir expressed that, “Young students and legal professionals establishing and operating a platform such as NILS Pakistan is already demonstrative of the fact that awareness of international law is now being seen as essential in a country where very few international legal experts exist.”


Masham Sheraz Malik
NILS Islamabad Correspondent
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