Meet Our National Law Scholar: Rufruf Chaudhary Of Themis School of Law

Meet Our National Law Scholar: Rufruf Chaudhary Of Themis School of Law

“I am Rufruf Chaudhary; my interest in pursuing a law degree was tickled every time something unfortunate happened. Growing up in Karachi was not easy, especially where the security situation is perilous and remains very unpredictable. Running back from school became a norm and finding a way home was an adventure on its own when they city was shutting down. Thus, over the course of time, I’ve become convinced more than ever now that the law needs to be understood and the application of civil and constitutional law is an element of change in order to build a society based on fairness.

Aspiring to become a barrister, I want to equip myself with the best litigation and negotiations skills. I would want to be an innovative barrister who could litigate in such a way that is effective and leans towards what the people actually need. My first year at LL.B has been an exceptional experience – it has added a lot to my personal and professional development – and I am aware that the process of learning still has a long way to go. Having founded the International Law Students Association-Themis Chapter was a milestone for me. The founding executive committee, owing to the rapid process of globalization, considered the chapter important as it was essential to equip law students with knowledge of international law in order to keep abreast with the latest developments globally. Therefore, we hope to bring this to the national level in the coming years”.

Rufruf Chaudhary

Author: Rufruf Chaudhary

The writer is a first year law student of the University of London (International Program) in Karachi. She is the Founder and President of the International Law Students Association (ILSA) Chapter at Themis School of Law, aimed at promoting matters concerning International Law among students. She is also a scholar under CourtingtheLaw’s National Scholarship Program.