How To Series (Session 2) For Young Lawyers And Law Students

How To Series (Session 2) For Young Lawyers And Law Students

The Lahore Education And Research Network in association with Pakistan College of Law successfully conducted the 2nd session of the LEARN-PCL How To Series: A Practical Skill Building Initiative for young lawyers and law students on Saturday 5th of November 2016.

This session was based on “How to Register Trademarks” and it was delivered by Barrister Azmeh Ihsan who has an extensive experience both academically as well as professionally in intellectual property laws.

Barrister Azmeh took a step-by-step approach to build the basic understanding of candidates on what a trademark is by using examples of popular designs and logos such as the ‘M’ of McDonalds, the shape of a Coca Cola bottle and the Intel sound.

What followed was a detailed presentation on the procedure, documents, time and costs involved in the registration of the trademark as well as its significance to the client. She explained the entire process from preliminary search to application and the number of copies and type of forms required. She not only discussed the procedure but actually showed and went through some of the specimens of applications that she had filed discussing each paragraph to explain how to draft such applications and what the prayer should include.

Barrister Azmeh also explained the role and authority of the Trademarks Registry as well as the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO). A page detailing useful links to access the forms and rules as well as the trademarks journal was also included in the lecture.

For more details on the remaining sessions in the How To Series, please contact us at [email protected]

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