The Disabled Persons (Employment) and Rehabilitation (Amendment) Act (2015)

Proposed by: Ms. Aisha Syed (MNA), Mr. Sahibzada Tariq Ullah (MNA), Mr. Sahibzada Muhammad Yaqui (MNA), Mr. Sher Akbar Khan (MNA)

Status: Pending

Summary: The Disabled Persons (Employment) and Rehabilitation (Amendment) Act 2015 seeks to reinforce the rights of people with disabilities in Pakistan in terms of their employment and everyday livelihood benefits.

Even though, the Federal Government announced in their 2012 policy that the quota was increased to 2% by a special directive of the Prime Minister for the public and private sector to employ the persons with disabilities, reports show that special persons were deprived of their right of 2% seats in Federal departments. According to the bill, a Provincial Council is to appoint a District Council, a District Government will then appoint a Tehsil Council and a Union Council will appoint a Local Council. The responsibilities of these three governing bodies shall vary so that people with disabilities are managed and helped in every sphere of life.

In addition to this, the bill proposes the following:

    • A new section 2A shall be in inserted after Section 2 of the Persons with Disabilities (Employment and Rehabilitation) Ordinance, 1981, where fourteen facilities are to be provided on top priority basis by the government, according to which the government must ensure quota of 2% for the persons with disabilities in the Federal, Provincial and Districts Departments


    • The government is bound to give full concession of 75% for tuition fees in government educational institutions and 50% in private educational institutions


    • The Federal Government is to provide special facilities such as educational admissions, registration of birth certificates, SCNIC and passports to be delivered at home for the people with disabilities


    • The government shall also ensure that it provides 50% discount for the people with disabilities in PIA, Railway, public and private transport fares



    • The Federal Government shall provide a special discount of 30% to people with disabilities in utility stores


    • A sum of Rs. 100,000 is proposed to be given for the purposes of wedding events


    • The bill demands interest free loans up to Rs. 3,000,000 to be provided by Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal for setting up small businesses to the people with disabilities


    • The bill proposes that full access to knowledge through information technology be provided with the help of adoptive softwares and hardwares which have been become common facilities for the visually impaired, deaf and physically handicapped persons


    • All persons with disabilities working on a contractual basis in any government, semi-government, in private institutions or company are required to be made permanent employees within a period of six months after the enactment of this Act


    • While taking cognizance of offence, a complaint in writing made by the disabled person himself and/or herself or under the authority of the National Council, Provincial Council, District Council, Tehsil Council or the Local Council, shall be accepted by the competent court of law


  • One important and most neglected aspect in particular which need attention is to provide salvation to the problems of women with disabilities. There is no system of governance available for women with disabilities, within schools and the working sector. It is proposed that the federal, provincial and local governments provide all needed facilities to women with disabilities through female staff from the concerned government departments.