Police and Lawyers

Most of us are probably aware of the unfortunate clash between lawyers and Police forces that led to the death of two lawyers in Daska, Sialkot. We also know that the lawyers were not armed (or at least, to our knowledge, were not threatening to fire upon members of the Police contingent) and hence the use of force by Police officials was disproportionate and unjustified. At the same time, there is news of provocation by the lawyers that led to the unfortunate fatal firing.

The legal community needs to consider why the tussles between the lawyers, officers of the Court, and the law enforcement agencies such are increasing. It is another thing if the lawyers are fighting for the restoration of democracy, independence of judiciary or against police brutality; however, should the officers of the Court be challenging the law enforcement agency seeking the enforcement of the writ of the district administration regarding removal of illegal encroachments?

While one expects aggrieved parties to protest against police excesses and illegal actions, how can the legal community justify vandalism and destruction of public and private property across the province?

What has given lawyers this sense of entitlement that they are perhaps above the law (like an increasing number of different segments of our society)?

What happened in Daska needs to be condemned in all respects. The law enforcement agency is at fault and so are the lawyers. We also need to condemn those amongst us who then choose to have a field day in other cities such as Lahore and caused havoc. We hope that all concerned, including members of the Police as well as the legal fraternity, will be prosecuted and held accountable for their actions.