World’s First Fashion Law Degree Announced

New York-based Fordham University’s Fashion Law Institute is  now offering what is the world’s first degree in fashion law.

Susan Scafidi, the director of the school’s Fashion Law Institute, credited the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and  its president Diane Von Furstenberg (who is also the program backer and part-financier) for making the creation of this program possible. Back in 2010 the CFDA, with help from Scafidi, had also tried without success to get a design protection bill passed. Von Furstenberg stressed the importance of protecting businesses and understanding intellectual property law, particularly for designers in the fashion industry.

Fordham’s new program has been approved by the American Bar Association after being faced with bureaucratic challenges and will be offered on both full-time and part-time basis. The program comprises of two different degrees: a Master of Studies in Law (MSL) for non-legal professionals interested in fashion law, and LL.M in Fashion Law for students who already have a law degree. Modules covered will include fashion financing, fashion retail, fashion modeling law, fashion licensing, ethics and sustainability.

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