Registration Of Illegal Afghan Nationals in Pakistan

Registration of illegal Afghan nationals in Pakistan is expected to start from 25th July, 2015 and completed in a period of about six months with an estimated cost of Rs 500 million.

The registration will be carried out by the National Database Registration Authority  (NADRA) in collaboration with the Ministry of States and Frontier Regions, Afghan Commission and Afghan Ministry responsible for the return of refugees. 21 registration centres would be established, including 11 in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa where most of the Afghan refugees are living.

There are about one million Afghans staying illegally in Pakistan and thousands more are still coming to Pakistan on a daily basis through legal and illegal means.

40 days after registration and verification, citizen certificates would be issued to the Afghan families, giving them a legal temporary stay status. Failure to get registration done would be dealt with under the Foreigners Act.