Indications Of Parental Alienation Syndrome & How To Counteract Its Effects

Indications Of Parental Alienation Syndrome & How To Counteract Its Effects

Negligence impairs the overall development of nations, undermines people’s spiritual and material well-being, compromises human dignity and creates a climate of fear and violence that erodes the quality of life. Roughly more than 1.5 million civil cases are pending adjudication in the lower courts throughout the province of Punjab, in cahoots with an incompetent lower judiciary. The Guardian/ Family Courts in particular have utterly failed to render justice to the wronged masses. Due to the failure of the family justice system, the common man’s life, property and respect are eternally hedged to the discretion of powerful criminals and con-men. The incompetency of the Family Courts is forcing citizens to approach higher courts and the High Courts were overburdened with cases against police officials for non-compliance of the court’s orders with regard to family cases in particular.

Our Family/ Guardian Courts are adamant to appreciate the simple fact that the mind of a child is like a perishable commodity. With the passage of time it is easy to change the innocent mind. Within months due to lack of interaction with non-custodian parent and constant brainwashing by custodian parent and his/her family, the children start forgetting and in many cases disliking the non-custodial parent who once used to be extremely dear and loved. This phenomenon has been named as Parental Alienation Syndrome or simply “PAS” by the psychiatrists.

Parental distance or its disorder has various signs, the head of which starts with an inquiry: “Why should minor children who were at first close to both parents unexpectedly look to reject one of them?” This has a tendency to happen after a bitter detachment or separation. There is a propensity to depend a lot on what a minor child says it needs as opposed to looking behind the conspicuous comments. They are regularly “modified” by the estranging guardian and this prompts false, pointless overstated reactions against the other guardian. 28 indications of estrangement which are not generally at the same time obvious are displayed and additionally 24 proposals for remediation.

From then on there will be two sections. The principal part will manage the indications of parental estrangement or what kind of special attention one ought to give when managing minor children, alienators, and the casualties of distance. The second part will emphasize on cures in managing the estrangement process.

It must be comprehended that what the youngster needs is vital yet one must be totally sure that what the minor child needs is really being reflected by what the minor child says. It must be comprehended that minor children who express that they would prefer not to see a guardian – unless there has been demonstrated sexual, physical or psychological mistreatment – they still ought to be firmly urged to have contact with the other guardian.

Minor children might state they don’t wish to see a guardian and the individuals who manage minor children in the lawful calling and as clinicians and specialists frequently feel they should listen to the youngster and surrender that what the minor child needs is ideal for him or her. This is a wrong method for taking a gander at things. Minor children regularly need things for themselves that are bad in the transient and in addition the long haul. While a noteworthy thought when managing the distance procedure is to do what is best for the minor child, we should be mindful so as to comprehend that minor children will have responded certainly after a time of estrangement by one guardian. This then prompts data exclusively on the premise of what the minor child feels and thinks ought to happen. Youngsters who have been distanced or modified against a guardian will regularly state things that are untrue, overstated or trivial in spite of previously having had a decent association with that parent.

The methodology of the advisor in managing estrangement cases is altogether different from the clinician or specialist managing an assortment of mental issues or psychoses. What is required is to comprehend that the estranging guardian can be, yet not so much, rationally sick, or fiendish, or both in the way in which she manages the youngster keeping in mind the end goal to look for retribution on a guardian who had been close sooner or later in time. What such contesting parents neglect to acknowledge is that they are hurting the minor child both in the short and the long haul by denying that offspring a decent parent just in light of the fact that they are irate and wish to get vengeful against their ex accomplice. The minor child is utilized as an apparatus as a part of this procedure. The alienator is not worried for the welfare of the minor child but rather is worried with his or her own longing for retribution against the distanced person.

Indications of Parental Alienation (PA)

Various signs or markers of distance can be recognized. It ought to be perceived that not every one of these signs show up in all cases and some truths that would be told would only apply to the individuals who estrange minor children against the non-custodial guardian, who tragically tends to be the father as opposed to the mother, although fathers have also been utilizing such methods against the mothers. Whoever utilizes estrangement systems or mental conditioning to get the minor child to loathe the other guardian is plainly in the wrong and is blameworthy of making mischief. There is impressive examination showing the damage that is done to youngsters who are distanced against a guardian when they are still young. Expanding research has likewise demonstrated that when they get to be grown-ups such people experience the ill effects of the harm done by an estranging guardian.

Following are some of the various signs which communicate with different things and ought to be seen not in segregation but rather in blend in this intricate issue of the estrangement process:

  1. Absence of free thinking from the minor child mirroring the alienator’s musings and emotions.
  1. Annihilating mail or even displays from the estranged guardian.
  1. The estranging guardian tends to try to shorten all correspondence between the minor child and the distanced guardian.
  1. The distanced guardian is seen as the substitute. He or she is reprimanded for everything that has turned out badly with the youngster. There is no feeling of irresoluteness.
  1. The minor child calls the distanced guardian a liar and other damaging names like the estranging guardian.
  1. The youngster abuse, demonstrates disregard, and embarrasses the estranged parent regularly on front of the alienator.
  1. Estranged contesting parents are seen as being wretched, broken and meriting being dismisses for all time.
  1. Contesting parents who estrange youngsters are enticing the minor child candidly and will keep on doing this while in control of the minor child, yet they deny that they are doing anything other than urging the minor child to reach the distanced guardian.
  1. The minor child is made to feel regretful for any adoration demonstrated towards the distanced guardian. The minor child will deny any association with the estranged guardian, dreadful of what the alienator would do to him or her.
  1. The minor child fears dismissal by the software engineer on the off chance that he or she wishes to say good thing in regards to the estranged parent or wishing to be with him or her.
  1. The youngster is claimed, controlled, and taught by the distancing guardian. That parent is seen as all great, all shrewd, and all intense by the youngster who gets to be subordinate, controlled by them. There is never scrutinizing that what the guardian says or does is constantly right.
  1. The youngster tends to reword proclamations utilized by the estranging guardian. The words utilized are regularly untypical of words liable to be utilized by a minor child. It is fundamentally the same to a faction sort of inculcation.
  1. The minor child experiences suspicion (scorn) taught by the distancing guardian who advances dispositions, expectations, and practices of a negative nature to the estranged guardian.
  1. The minor child will talk about overstated or invented misuse that has been experienced from the distanced guardian.
  1. The minor child or distancing guardian makes articulations hinting semi or genuine sexual, passionate, and physical misuse endured by the minor child.
  1. The dialect comes in a roundabout way from the alienator, for example, “he touches me improperly,” or “he has infiltrated me,” These are all acquired situations from the estranging guardian.
  1. Minor children who are distanced no more know truth from falsehood.
  1. The minor child who is distanced against the guardian will regularly be estranged against the guardian’s family.
  1. The alienator will likewise influence the minor child against the specialist unless the advisor bolsters the alienator. Consequently the specialist is seen as an adversary in the same light as the distanced guardian.
  1. It is not what alienator says but rather how it is said. For instance while telling a minor child “father might want to take you out,” it can be said with happiness and excitement showing positive desires or it can be said with venom demonstrating negative emotions. This is what is dominatingly conveyed to the minor child as opposed to the verbal message.
  1. The estranged minor children tend to see themselves in a capable position, particularly in the seriousness of their hostility displayed towards the distanced guardian. This is all done after the programming by the alienator.
  1. Female alienators will frequently pick female specialists as they accept they will have the capacity to relate to them better.
  1. Female alienators are frequently furious because of the way that the distanced individual has another relationship, while she has not.
  1. A few alienators move far from where their ex accomplice dwells keeping in mind the end goal to make visits troublesome or outlandish.
  1. Sometimes the name of the minor child is changed to that of the alienator or the following accomplice to which the alienator has connected him or herself.
  1. Negligible reasons are frequently given for not having any desire to be with the estranged guardian. Notwithstanding when informed that if these unimportant reasons were uprooted the minor child will frequently assert they don’t wish to be with that parent under any circumstances.
  1. The youngster is urged to be with companions or play on computer games in inclination to being with the estranged guardian.
  1. A youngster who had a background marked by a decent, cheerful and warm association with the now distanced guardian before detachment or separation, will neglect to recall occasions that previously made them upbeat. They might be experiencing amnesia of any great occasions because of the distance process.

Approaches to Combat Parental Alienation During Mediation and Treatment

There is no simple approach to battle distance, particularly if it has stretched over time and the estranged guardian has had little contact with the minor child. One may say the alienator has won and has the complete control of the youngster in this situation. The two (alienator and minor child) then are a “group” who absolutely work against the estranged guardian with the ultimate goal of mortifying and dismissing that parent from having contact with the defrauded minor child.

A percentage of the techniques that are prescribed for managing the procedure of distance might appear to be great, however it is a compelling circumstance that one is confronting when managing the staggering force of the alienator. Run-of-the-mill restorative systems are incapable when managing such issues. Firm methodologies are required and these must be upheld unequivocally by the court with the goal that they should have an impact in questioning the casualty of the distance. This occasionally puts the specialist in a hazardous circumstance for he or she might be blamed for being too firm in trying to switch the distance impacts. A mix of both reason and feeling must be displayed to the minor children to make them mindful of the harm that has and is continuing, so as to end the negative mentality towards living with one guardian. This is obviously accepting that the estranged guardian is pure of all physical, sexual or psychological mistreatment.

The following recommendations would be able to lessen the impacts of estrangement:

  1. Wreck the impacts of denigration by one guardian towards the other by making the minor child mindful of the upbeat history before the sharpness and partition between the contesting parents happened.
  1. Get the minor child to focus on the good things about the criticized guardian.
  1. Be firm and proactive in changing dispositions and conduct that has brought on the parental distance.
  1. Attempt to get the distancing guardian to coordinate in halting the estrangement. This is simpler said than done, and numerous alienators will decline to participate in this. This is even so when it is highlighted that such activities are really unsafe to the minor child’s advancement.
  1. Speak to the minor child’s inner voice, that he or she is dismissing, harming and mortifying a pure gathering that looks after that child.
  1. Bring the minor child closer together with the distanced guardian at the appointed time, while looking to change both states of mind and conduct by means of balanced emotive treatment. There is a need in this procedure for firm correspondences.
  1. Make the youngster mindful of what a blood relative may give up for that minor child which is not the situation for outsiders.
  1. Caution the guardian who estranges the offspring of the damage that they are doing to the youngster in the present time as well.
  1. Speak to the youngster’s basic considerations (knowledge and feelings) and make the minor child mindful of the injustice and coldness in dismissing a cherishing guardian.
  1. Make the minor children mindful that they require both contesting parents without jeopardizing the association with the distancing guardian.
  1. Make the minor children mindful that they might lose a decent parent if the procedure of distance proceeds.
  1. The youngster ought to be made mindful that the distant family of the estranged guardian is also being unreasonably dismissed.
  1. Support the minor child to draw in with the distanced guardian as well as with the estranged guardian’s more distant family, i.e. grandma, granddad, close relatives, uncles, and so forth. This will serve to invert the estrangement process.
  1. Abridge or wipe out phone calls and different interchanges from the programming guardian while the minor child is with the non-custodial guardian.
  1. It is critical for minor children who have been estranged to invest as much energy as is conceivable with the distanced parent alone so that a relationship can be recreated between them. The more drawn out this individual contact happens, the higher the probability that the estrangement procedure will be drained.
  1. Stop the minor child from being utilized as a spy against the estranged guardian.
  1. The minor child ought to be expelled from the impacts of the distancing parent and be given in care of the estranged guardian or another body including a relative. This is to shield the minor child from further estrangement.
  1. Lack of involvement and resistance are negative factors when managing parental distance. What is required is a showdown of an intense sort with a specific end goal to balance the impacts of the estrangement and to turn it around.
  1. The force of the court must back the persons looking to evacuate the estrangement impacts.
  1. The minor child should frequently be uprooted to an impartial setting, for example a healing facility, to avoid further estrangement. This could especially work where extreme mental harm has been done to a great extent.
  1. In case of serious distance it is best for the estranged contesting parents to never approach the home of the alienator, rather they should utilize a middle person for the exchange of contact with the minor child.
  1. It ought to be recollected that the youngster who has been the casualty of mental programming needs to realize that he or she can still feel protected with the distanced guardian without this decreasing their devotion and responsibility towards the other guardian. Henceforth the distanced guardians ought to do as much as could reasonably be expected to promise this to the youngsters.
  1. Once the estranged contesting parents have reached out to their youngsters, they ought to focus on discussing cheerful times spent together in the past, supplemented with pictures or recordings. At first a minor child could be dismissive and even neglect to have eye contact however this can be diminished through indications of content past events and how to proceed with them.
  1. Estranged contesting parents ought not to surrender without making an effort first and ought to continue with their endeavors to reach out to their youngster. Steady dismissal from the minor child is prone to be mortifying and unsettling, however ingenuity now and then prompts accomplishment with the assistance of a specialist and the backing of the courts.

Both angles included in managing parental estrangement are essential, however the points of interest are positively inadequate as there are numerous different methods for managing distanced youngsters and additionally their guardians. It is imperative to understand that there is an extraordinary contrast between restorative methodologies in the typical sense and those that are required with contesting parents who are estranging a minor child against another guardian. It cannot be underlined too firmly that without the sponsorship of the courts these endeavors may be too unrealistic to have impact.

It is a right time for our Guardian/ Family Courts to appreciate that there are many implications that a divorce has on the individual, family and society at large and children of divorced couples are the ones who bear the brunt of the entire happening. It is a common practice among couples to use kids as pawns in the game of emotional chess. It amounts to absolutely irresponsible parenting to scar children emotionally, post separation. In due course, the parents move on in their lives and onto other partners but children carry the trauma of being manipulated and torn apart emotionally, all their lives. Our courts must allow reasonable and appropriate interim visitation time for the non-custodial parent to spend with the child in order to avoid the generation of estrangement among the minors.


The views expressed in this compilation are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of or any organization with which he might be associated.

Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi

Author: Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi

The writer is an advocate practising at the Lahore High Court and specializing in child custody and family jurisprudence. He can be reached at 03008411403.


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ماشاء اللہ… آپ نے حق ادا کر دیا. انتہائی المیہ ہے کہ احساس اور نازک معاشرتی موضوع پر ہماری مقننہ اور عدلیہ، ججز، وکلاء، انسانی حقوق اور بچوں کے حقوق کے راگ الاپنے والی تنظیمیں، ادارے، اور حتی کہ علماء کرام توجہ نہیں کر رہے اور مکمل بے حسی کا ثبوت دے رہے ہیں. نجانے ہم اگلی چند دھائیوں میں کون سی نسل متعارف کروانا چاہ رہے ہیں جو لاکھوں بچے بچیاں والدین کے زندہ ہوتے ہوئے یتیمی / مسکینی کی زندگی گزار رہے ہیں. ان کی ذہنی دینی سماجی معاشرتی تربیت اور تعلیم اور شخصیت وکردار سازی میں جو فقدان پیدا ہو گا اس کے ذمہ دار کون ہوں گے. یہ بچے کس کا گریبان پکڑیں گے؟ آپ کے مضامین کے اس عمدہ سلسلہ پر اے کاش کسی ھمدرد جج، قاضی، دانشور، صحافی، قلم کار، ممبر پارلیمنٹ یا عالم کی نظر پڑ جائے اور وہ ان بے زبان اور بے یار ومددگار بچوں کے لئے اپنا کردار ادا کرنے کے لئے اٹھ کھڑا ہو… اے کاششششش!!!!!

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