Canada Parliament Votes To Make National Anthem Gender Neutral

Canada Parliament Votes To Make National Anthem Gender Neutral

Canada’s Parliament has recently voted in favour of passing a bill which aims to make the national anthem gender-neutral. The bill has been proposed and moved by the Liberal Party member, Mauril Belanger. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau also voted in the favour of the bill which was introduced in January 2016.

The bill introduced would only change two words in the anthem ‘O Canada’ changing it from “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command”.

The Liberal Member of Parliament proposed for allowing all genders to be part of the anthem. Back in May, he said: “On the eve of 150th anniversary of our federation, it is important that one of our most recognised and appreciated national symbols reflect the progress made by our country in terms of gender equality.”

The Prime Minister said, “I was proud to vote in favour of Mauril Belanger’s bill to make ‘O Canada’ gender equal. It passed second reading tonight and now goes to committee.”

The bill was also opposed by some conservative MPs. They want more debate on this issue. Conservative MP Peter Van said, “It is tragic that this is being done in a fashion where Canadians are being shut out. Their national anthem is being changed. They have been signing it for decades, millions of Canadians. It belongs to them, it is not a plaything for us.”