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What is a ‘MUN’?

What is a ‘MUN’? We all want resolutions to world crises and we all want a prosperous world, but most global affairs are dealt with in the United Nations headquarters in New York.


A Lawyer’s Sojourn In London

A Lawyer’s Sojourn In London My intellectual sojourn in London is like a ‘journey of pleasure and pain’. It has been a pleasure to have observed the norms of the western society,

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Pakistan Law Moot 2015

Pakistan Law Moot 2015 The Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network is proud to present Pakistan Law Moot in collaboration with the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan, which is to be held on

Law Moot, Moot Court and Mock Trial

Law Moot, Moot Court and Mock Trial What is mooting? Mooting is basically the oral presentation of a legal issue or problem against an opposing counsel and before a judge. It is