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Lo Bono Law Firm Initiative

Lo Bono Law Firm Initiative Lo Bono Law (LBL) is a newly established law firm in Karachi which aims to provide cost effective quality legal services to clients. The aim of LBL

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CourtingTheLaw Launches Insaaf Camp

CourtingTheLaw Launches Insaaf Camp On 25th March 2017, Courting The Law launched their latest legal awareness initiative, CTL Insaaf Camp, by holding the first camp in collaboration with NAYMET Trust at Walton,

Access To Justice And Legal Aid

Access To Justice And Legal Aid According to a report titled Understanding the Informal Justice System: Opportunities and Possibilities for Legal Pluralism in Pakistan (2015), 98.2 per cent of respondents in a

Justice For The Rich

Justice For The Rich The poor in this country are not only stricken by the grief and direct consequences of their low financial status, but face immense hardship in pursuing their legal